What are Barracks?

Barracks are the buildings where you train your Troops.

The more and higher level Barracks will:

  • Speed up training
  • Allow you to unlock and train different Troops types
  • Allow you to train a higher number of Troops

The Barracks building screen is separated into two tabs: "Building" and "Train." Building will upgrade your building level. Train will train your Troops.

The "Train" tab is separated into two tabs: "Train Troops" and "In Training. "Train Troops" is where you select the type and amount of Troops. "In Training" are the Troops currently being trained or waiting to be trained.

To train troops:

  1. Select the type of Troops you want to train from the thumbnails listed.
  2. Select the amount of Troops you want to train in the white box.
  3. Click "Train."
  4. These Troops will now be found in your "In Training" queue.
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