What is the Coliseum and what is it used for?

The Coliseum is a building used to increase your citizens' Happiness, fill your Silver coffers and provide a venue for holding Events! Upgrade your Coliseum and Increase your Happiness by 1% for each level!


  • Tax Day: Hold this event to garner Silver from all of your Citizens. Romans do not like paying taxes and your City's Happiness will suffer as a result! Your Happiness, however, will rebuild over time. (Be careful, constantly lowering your Happiness can result in your Population deserting leaving less people available to work in your fields and train in your Army)

Required: 20 Happiness
Gained: Silver
Cooldown: 60 Minutes

  • Spread the Wealth: Who says you can't buy Happiness? Your citizens love Silver. Shower them with some coins and watch your Happiness climb towards the Gods!

Required: Silver
Gained: 10 Happiness
Cooldown: 60 Minutes

  • Chariot Races: Your citizens also love to be entertained. Hold a Chariot race to gain Happiness and put a hop in your Troops' step!

Required: 20,000 of Lumber, Stone and Iron resources
Gained: 5 Happiness, 5% Increase in March Speed
Cooldown: 24 Hours


  • Use the Silver gained from events to Heal wounded Troops in the Apothecary, Scout players, and Research Technology
  • Players can build one Coliseum per city.


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