General's Level, Attack, and Defense Boosts

How do General's Level, Attack, and Defense Boosts affect Attacks?

The level of your General, Research Levels, and Attack and Defense boosts can greatly affect the outcome of your Battles.

Troops have seven basic stats which are available to view in your Barracks and Bear Pit:

  • Life
  • Defense
  • Range
  • Upkeep
  • Attack
  • Speed
  • Load

NOTE: Different Troops have different amounts of these statistics based on their function. For example, a Skirmisher will have a much higher Range statistic than Cavalry since they are a Ranged Troop. Additionally, a Troop such as Supply Wagons will have a significantly higher Load statistic than a Conscript.

When sending your Troops to Battle there are various boosts which can help give your Troops an edge over your opponent:

  • General's Level: Increases the Attack and Defense of your Troops based on its Level
  • Deity Bonus:
    • Mars: Increases Attack
    • Vulcan: Increases Defense
    • Apollo: Increases effects of Research
  • Research Level: Boosts various stats affecting your Troops based on the type of Research
  • Mars Blessing & Mars Favor: Increase the Attack of your Troops by 20%
  • Chainmail & Platemail: Increase the Defense of your Troops by 20%
  • Jovian Thunder: Increases the Attack and Defense of your Troops by 80% for 2 hours

All of these components combined can have significant effects on the outcomes of your Battles.

Increasing your General's Experience will increase their Level which will give your Attack and Defense a boost. Sending your General on Attacks as well as items such as Centurion Trainings, Legionary Trainings, and Praetorian Trainings all increase your General's Experience.

Item's such as Mars Favor, Mars Blessing, Chainmail, Platemail, your General's Level, Deity bonus, and Research Levels are able to be stacked. However, if you apply a Jovian Thunder, it will not stack with any other Attack or Defense Boosts, however, it does stack with your Research, General's Level, and Deity bonus.

If you're Defending in an Attack on your own City: Deity Bonus, Research Levels, Mars Blessings/Favors, Platemail, Chainmail, and Jovian Thunder are able to be applied. These boosts will cover all Reinforcing Troops in your City.

If you applied a Jovian Thunder, Mars Blessing/Favor, Platemail, or Chainmail to your Troops before you sent them to Reinforce, they will not apply to these Troops because they are not fighting from their home City. Boosts are specific to the player controlled Cities and Wilds they're applied to. 

This also applies to Research. Reinforcing Troops will take-on the Research Levels of the City they're Reinforcing. For example, if your Troops have Level 8 Research and the person you are Reinforcing has Level 10, your Troops will fight with Level 10 Research

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