Prepaid Marches

What are Prepaid Marches, and why does my March Modal look different?

You can now Attack, Reinforce, Transport, Reassign, and Scout from the new March Modal!

NOTE: Prepaid Marches have not increased the amount of Upkeep a March requires.


Previously, when you sent a March, the Upkeep for those Troops would automatically be deducted from your City while the March was in progress. Now, you will need to prepay the Upkeep of the Troops you're sending before you send them on a March.

Make sure you select the amount of time you'd like your Troops to be away from your City:

  • Round Trip: Your Troops will return home immediately after their March
  • 6 Hours, 12 Hours, 24 Hours, and 48 Hours: When you choose one of these options, your Troops will remain at the location they were sent to for the time you selected, and return home after

If you choose to have your Troops Encamp a location for a period of time there are a few important things to keep in mind:

  • If your Troops are defeated, they will automatically return home regardless of how long you selected to have them Encamp the location
  • Your Troops cannot Encamp a Barbarian camp. Make sure you select "Round Trip" for these types of Marches
  • If your March is interrupted, Defeated, or Recalled, the Food you prepaid for the March will not be credited back to you

PLEASE NOTE: Prepaid Marches have not increased the amount of Upkeep of a March. Instead of being charged Upkeep during your March as you were before prepaid Marches were introduced, you now pay your Upkeep before your Troops are sent out.

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