How to Attack

What is the best way to successfully attack?

In Glory of Rome, not only does it matter how many and what kind of Troops you have when entering into a Battle, it also matters how well your Troops perform in the Battle. Glory of Rome uses a battle simulator for each battle fought. This means sometimes you will perform better in a Battle then others.

In order to improve your chances of winning a battle we recommend you take the following steps:

  1. Attack other opponents near your Palace level.
  2. Send AT LEAST the same number of Troops as your opponent.
  3. Choose a General to lead the attack. The higher the combat skill the better.
  4. Increase your attack efforts with Combat items
  5. Increase research in combat arts in your Academy

Even after following the steps above, your opponent may still be stronger by using a combination of research, combat skills, or other items you may not be aware of. This ads a layer of difficulty that we feel puts Glory of Rome above other strategy games.

Also, keep in mind that Ranged Troops (Scorpio, Ballistae, Skirmishers) will generally overcome Melee Troops (Conscripts, Legionaries, Centurions), and Melee Troops will generally overcome Cavalry Troops (Cavalry and Shock Cavalry). Cavalry Troops will also generally overcome Ranged Weapons.

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