What is an Alliance and how do I start one?

Alliances are groups of players who work together by sharing resources, reinforcing each other Cities with troops, and planning attack strategies in Alliance Chat.

In order to create your own Alliance, you must have an Embassy of Level 2 first. The maximum amount of members you can have in an Alliance is 100 members.

If you wish to join an existing Alliance, click on the “Find an Alliance” button in the Alliance view. Once you have found the Alliance you wish to join, click on the “Request to Join” button. A message will be sent out to the Chancellor of the Alliance to review your request.

Join a strong alliance and ask for help. Be active in helping your alliance and your alliance members will help you in times of need. An enemy you could not fight off yourself could be scared off if you retaliate with your entire alliance. Your alliance members can also reinforce your city with troops to help you fight off your enemy. However, an important fact to note is that while your allies are in your city, their troops WILL eat your food. So be prepared to have enough food for your allied troops!



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