Battlegrounds - Apothecary & Wounded Troops

Why aren't my Wounded Troops appearing in the Apothecary when I lose them in the Battleground?

When you lose Troops in the Battleground, in order for your Wounded Troops to appear in your Apothecary, your remaining Troops and General need to return to the City they were sent from. You can do this by  from the Battleground.

If your entire March was defeated, your Wounded Troops will automatically appear in your Apothecary unless there was a General with them. Once your General returns back to your City, your Troops will be in your Apothecary.

If your remaining Troops and/or General return back to your City and your Wounded Troops are not showing in your Apothecary, we'd like to suggest you try clearing your cache and refreshing your browser. Your Troops should be in your Apothecary.

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