Changing Your Name

How do I change my name?

In order to change your name you will need to obtain an item called the Reforged Identity. All new players will receive a New City Chest that will contain 1 x Reforged Identity item. To locate your New City Chest, click on to the Inventory button and then locate the Chest tab of this page.

As soon as you locate the New City Chest, click on the "Use" button. All the items contained in the New City Chest will appear in your Inventory.

The contents of the chest currently include the following items:

Servant's Sundial  x2
Plebeian's Sundial x1
Ceres' Blessing x1
Faunus' Blessing x1
Pluto's Blessing x1
Vulcan's Blessing x1
Reforged Identity x1
Offerings x2

Once you have obtained and located the Reforged Identity item, click the "Use" button to change your name.

After using the first free Reforged Identity item, you will need to spend 90 Gold and purchase the item in the shop. You can locate this item in the Shop on the first page of Miscellaneous items.

Quick Tip: You can also try playing Fortuna's Gamble for a chance to win a Reforged Identity item!

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