What is a Truce and how does it work?

A Truce is an item you can purchase in the Shop that puts your Empire in a temporary state of peace.During this time you will be unable to attack or be attacked for 12 hours. Once a Truce is applied, all your Cities will be protected.

Only one Truce can be used in a 24-hour period, which means once your Truce is finished, you will have to wait 12 hours before you can apply another one. If you try to apply another Truce before the 12 hours are up, you will receive an error message telling you the time you'll be able to apply your next Truce.

Since there's a limit on how many Truces can be used in a day, choosing the right time to use them is key to making it effective. Many players use them while they are sleeping or at work; this helps prevent losses of Troops and Resources due to incoming attacks.

By mastering the timing of the Truce, you can set up a rotation of attacking your enemies or Barbarian Camps and return to safety by applying a Truce.

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