Switching Guardians

How do I get the new Ore Guardian?

  1. To raise your new Guardian, first click on your Guardian Tile, on which the current one sits.
  2. Your Guardian screen opens, with the information and upgrade options for the current Guardian at the top. At the bottom, you will find a section listing your Active Guardian, and giving you the option to "Unlock" a new one.
  3. Click "Unlock", and if you do not have an Obsidian Rune yet, the screen will then prompt you to purchase an Obsidian Rune. Once you click "Buy" you will be prompted to "Unlock" once more. If you have a Rune already when you enter this screen, then a simple "Unlock" will be enough to get the Guardian Unlocked.
  4. Now you will be prompter to “Summon” a new one. Click on “Summon” above the new Ore Guardian.
  5. A time window will pop up and you will need to wait for the Guardian to be summoned (this takes 10 seconds).
  6. At this point, your Guardians are switched. Click on “Build” by the image of the guardian at the top to build your new level 1 Guardian.
  7. Next time you switch guardians you will not need to “Build” again, nor will you need to purchase another Rune. You can switch between the two guardians by entering this screen and summoning your preferred Guardian. You can also use this page to Upgrade the currently active Guardian.
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