Out of Sync/9662 Error

Why am I receiving Out of Sync or 9662 Errors?

This error has been popping up infrequently, and we're currently gathering information to work on a solution.

You should check your firewall and port settings to make sure port 8000 is not blocked. You can also check your antivirus software to make sure that * has been cleared for access, or 'whitelisted.'

If you are still having trouble connecting, the answers to these questions should help us determine where this issue is occurring.

  • What kind of computer do you have?
  • Which web browser do you use?
  • What speed is your internet connection? Who is your internet service provider?
  • Do you have antivirus software installed? Which brand is it?
  • Are you usually able to play other Facebook and Flash-based games?
  • When you log into the game, do you see the purple text in the chat window? (The rules of chat, etc.)

We would also appreciate screenshots of the errors you're getting, as that would help us a great deal in terms of locating the issue.

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