Platinum and the Shop

What is Platinum? How do I get Platinum? What can I buy with Platinum?

Platinum is the official currency of the Edgeworld Shop. You can use Platinum to buy items in the shop, and gain an advantage over your enemies!

Some of the current items available include:

  • Instant refills of your resources
  • Increased production of resources
  • Speed Up items. These accelerators can be used on construction, upgrades, research, training, recharging your Warp Gate, and more!

Click the 'Add' button in the upper-right of the game window to learn more about obtaining Platinum. We have a number of high-value packages that you can purchase. Read our article on to learn more.

Edgeworld is a free-to-play game, and you can play as long as you want and be very competitive without paying anything at all! Platinum items allow you to play faster and longer. The choice is yours about whether to pay or not.

There are many costs involved in running Edgeworld, such as server fees, developer salaries, and bandwidth expenses. The revenue from your Platinum purchases helps keep us in business, keeps the game's servers running, and lets us pay our developers so they can continue creating new features and additional gameplay!

If you've enjoyed playing Edgeworld, consider giving us a small Platinum purchase to say thank you. The Edgeworld development team would certainly appreciate it!

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