The chat system

What are the differences between All, Family, and Crew chat?

There are three ways to Chat in The Godfather: Five Families: All, Family, and Crew.

All Chat:

This is where you can talk to every single person on your server, regardless of Crew or Family.  The text will appear white in the chat log.

Family Chat:

Family chat is limited to the people in your Family: Cuneo, Stracci, Tattalgia, Corleone, and Barzini.  Use this to plan hits against other families and to discuss large scale strategy.  Everyone in your Family is automatically in this chat.  Text typed in Family chat will appear as orange.

Crew Chat:

When you have finally formed or joined a Crew this third type of chat will be unlocked.  Crew chat is often the most important of the three chats, allowing you to strategize with the people you play with the most.  All Crew chat will appear green in your chat log.

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