Beginner Protection

What is beginner protection and how long does it last?

Any new player that joins a server will be awarded 7 days of Beginners Protection. During these 7 days, your cities cannot be attacked by other players and you can focus on building up your Estate and training troops. While your cities are under Beginners Protection, the Protection icon will be in color in the top left of the game screen. Beginner Protection only applies to your Estate and does not protect any Cityscapes that you conquer. Other players will be able to attack and defeat any Cityscapes you have conquered, but will not be able to attack your Estate.

Hovering your mouse over the Shield icon will display the remaining time you have in Beginners Protection.

You can also see Estates that are in Beginners Protection on the Map as their Family icon is surrounded by olive branches.

You can leave your Beginners Protection early by attacking another player's Estate or one of their Cityscapes. You will receive a confirmation that you wish to launch an attack that will remove the Beginners Protection from your Estate. Be careful though as once you have left Beginners Protection, you cannot return to it. Other players will be able to attack your Estate once you have left Beginners Protection so it is advisable to stay in Beginners Protection for its full duration.

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