Joining a clan

How do I join a clan?

Clans in the game are a good way to meet other players and work together to be the best family. There are two ways to be part of a clan.

The simplest way is to join an existing clan. in the lower left corner of the screen is a button that looks like a man in a suit . This is your clan button.

When you 're not part of a clan ; Clicking this button will give you two options:

  • find
  • create

Click to find , and you will see the ranking clans, at least most respected respected. 

When you see a clan you would like to join , click the join - and wait for the clan has reviewed your application and accepts you or rejects you.

The second way is to create your own clan .

Find a name for your Clan , a description and click Create. You are now the owner of a brand new clan!

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