Contacting Kabam Billing Support

Prior to contacting Billing Support, please check out our answers to common billing questions:

Where are the in-game currency and bonus items I purchased?
Some players encounter up to 6 hours of delay in receiving their purchased packages. This is usually due to our payment partners' security settings that may be flagging your purchases if there is unusual payment activity in your account. We recommend contacting them directly to see what the hold up is. We appreciate your patience!

Why isn't my credit card accepted?
Rockyou does not have access to your sensitive data, such as credit card information. If you're experiencing difficulties using a certain method of payment (PayPal, mobile phone via Boku, etc.) please contact the payment processor. Some payment processors have certain settings that may be blocking your option to make a credit card payment. As these settings are housed in their system, we would recommend contacting the specific payment processor so they can provide you with what you need to do in order to be able to make a credit card purchase.

I bought $50.00 in Facebook Credits but only received 300 in-game currency! 
It is common for Facebook to offer the option to purchase more Facebook Credits than those required for your Rockyou game purchase. When this happens, you will be charged for the full amount of Facebook Credits, and only the original amount you selected will be credited to Rockyou in exchange for in-game currency and bonus items. The remainder of your Facebook Credits balance can be found in the upper right hand corner of your Home screen when you are logged in to Facebook. You always have the option to use these in one of our games!

Receiving Additional Support From Kabam

If you need additional support from Kabam after contacting the payment provider, please use the Kabam knowledge base to search for your specific issue and submit a request. Submitting a Billing request is just like asking a question about a technical issue, so please be as detailed as possible when you write us. Please make sure to provide us with as much detail about your transaction as possible, including the following:

  1. Transaction ID Number
  2. Which payment service you used
  3. Date and time of purchase
  4. If your purchase was made via Google Play, please provide us with your Google Play e-mail address


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