Kabam Game Cards: Troubleshooting

Please note: Kabam Game Cards are no longer available for sale. However, we will continue to accept Kabam Game Cards for our Web games. If you have questions about your card, please see below:

I bought a Kabam Game Card. Can I use my Kabam Game Card right away?
When purchasing Kabam Game Cards, the cards will have to be activated at the store upon purchase. They can then be redeemed through the payment wall of games. Kabam Game Cards are not available for iOS or Android Mobile games, and may not be redeemed on Facebook.

'PIN Code not recognized' error - What do I do?
This error message may be 1 of 3 things:

 - the card has not been activated
 - the card has already been redeemed
 - the PIN code is being entered incorrectly

If you are using a new card and you believe that it has not yet been redeemed, please contact our Billing Support Team with proof of purchase: copy of the sales receipt and the back of the game card. The PIN code, although shown with spaces in the card, should be entered without the spaces.

Can I use several game cards at once to purchase a larger package?
A $10 or $25 game card comes pre-loaded with in-game currency and Bonus Items, and they may not be combined to purchase larger currency packages.

Will I receive promotional discounts when using Kabam Game Cards?
The game cards cannot be used towards sales and/or promotions. A $10 or $25 game card is equivalent to a specific package in each game and do not qualify for sales or discounts that we run. If you wish to apply discount codes and/or promotional sales to a purchase, please select one of regular packages found in the payment page and select a different method of payment.

Will I receive my in-game currency automatically with a Kabam Game Card?
Yes. Kabam, Game Cards are pre-loaded with in-game currency and Bonus Items, and will be applied to your account once they are redeemed.

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