Billing: Kabam Game Cards

Note: Kabam is now Wonderhill.


At this time, Kabam Game Cards are no longer available for sale. We will continue to accept any Kabam Game Cards you currently own.

Which games accept this payment method?
Kabam Game Cards are available to be used in some games on, but may not be used for iOS or Android-based Wonderhill Games.

I used to be able to redeem Kabam Game Cards on Facebook, where did it go?
You can still redeem your Kabam Game Cards by linking your Facebook account with and accessing your game from there.

What denominations of the game card are available?
Kabam Game Cards come in $10 and $25 denominations.

Can I use several game cards at once to purchase a larger package?
A $10 or $25 Game Card is equivalent to a specific package in each game and cannot be combined to purchase a larger package, nor can it be used partially to purchase separate packages. Please refer to the Kabam Game Card Terms of Service for more information.

Some packages are priced at $9.90. What about my 10 cents?
Each game has a specific package that includes a certain number of in-game currency and bonus items (subject to change). This is not the same as the package you will regularly receive if using another method of payment. When using either a $10 or $25 game card, we have designed the packages to include the corresponding number of in-game currency and various exciting bonus items to ensure that you are getting your money's worth!

Will I receive my in-game currency automatically with a Kabam Game Card?
Yes, all Game Cards have a PIN code associated with them when purchased. To access the PIN code on your prepaid card, scratch away at the tag on the back. The PIN code will be displayed underneath this tag, and ready for use immediately. To use a prepaid card, simply type the PIN code into the "Redeem a Kabam Card" section at the bottom right of your payment screen, for your game.

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