Resource Capacity

Why are my resource totals no longer increasing?

Your resource totals are no longer increasing because they have hit capacity.

When you are producing a resource such as Food or Lumber, your hourly production adds to your resource total until the capacity is reached. The capacity is determined by the number and level of your resource buildings. Therefore, you can either upgrade your current buildings or construct more buildings of that resource in order to increase your capacity.

Your Blue Energy has a base capacity of 500,000 and will increase as you create more Reaping Stones. In other words, the capacity of your Blue Energy will always be at least 500,000 and can only be altered in your Spectral Ruins.

To view your capacity, hold your mouse over that specific resource icon on the top right-hand corner of the screen.

Please note that any resources won from battle or purchased in the Shop will still be added to your total resources even if you are already at or over capacity.

Important: Some players have reported difficulties with their resources adding properly when they are not at capacity. If you feel you are experiencing this please try these steps to resolve this matter.

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