Anthropus Talismans

What are Anthropus Talismans and where can I find them?

Anthropus Talismans are trinkets coveted by the Anthropus for their mystical powers and connection to the dead. By collecting 100,000 Anthropus Talismans, players will be able to start their Spectral Ruins.

These Talismans can either be purchased in the shop or found by attacking level 4 and higher Wildernesses or level 1 and higher Anthropus Camps. For every 500 Anthropus killed in a battle, you will receive 1 Anthropus Talisman. The Anthropus kills are not cumulative and will not roll over into the next battle. For example,  you will not earn a Talisman by killing 400 Anthropus in one battle and killing an additional 100 Anthropus in the next battle. You must kill at least 500 Anthropus in a single battle to earn 1 Talisman. The number of Talismans won in battle will appear on the battle report.

Please keep in mind, like resources, you will only receive the Anthropus Talismans from your attack if you are victorious in battle.

Important: Anthropus Talismans can only be found by attacking with the Great or Elemental Dragons. The drop of Anthropus Talismans will not affect the drop rate of other items.

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