Swamp Outpost

What are the benefits of creating Swamp Dragon Outpost?

The Swamp Outpost allows players to both further expand their Empire and train the newly implemented Dragon.

Along with the new breed of Dragon, the Swamp Outpost allows players to generate additional resources and train troops for more strategic combat planning. However, you will not be able to encamp or claim additional Wildernesses with the construction of the Swamp Outpost.

Acquiring a Serpent Egg and Battle Scales

You may acquire a Serpent Egg and Battle Scales by purchasing them in the .

An in-game message will be sent to all players when the Serpent Egg and Battle Scales may be obtained in the wild.

Like previous eggs and armor, one of your Dragons must be present in an attack in order to acquire a Serpent Egg or piece of Battle Scales. Additionally, if a Wraith Dragon is included in the march, the chance of acquiring the Serpent Egg or Battle Scales will be even higher.

Starting an Outpost

To start this Outpost, first make sure you meet the following requirements:

  • Own an Serpent Egg
  • Control a Lake
  • A player at Level 6 or higher
  • Have an Ice Outpost and Spectral Ruins

Important: You do not need a Water Dragon Outpost, Stone Dragon Outpost, Fire Dragon Outpost, or Wind Dragon Outpost to start your Swamp Outpost. Only a Spectral Ruins and Ice Outpost are required.

After you meet all of the requirements, click the Empire tab in the bottom tray and click on the newly unlocked Swamp Outpost to launch the ""Expand Your Empire"" dialog. In this menu you can begin construction of your Outpost, after you have verified that you meet all of the requirements.

Outpost Damage

Similar to the Ice, Water, Stone, Fire, and Wind Dragon Outpost, if your Swamp Outpost is attacked it will take damage that must be repaired before resources can be produced again. Your Outpost will automatically begin to heal itself after an attack, but it will take longer to heal the more advanced your Outpost is, so feel free to use Speed Ups to shorten your Outpost's healing time.

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