Dark Portal

What is a Dark Portal?

A Dark Portal is a new building available in the Spectral Ruins. Dark Portals will consume Blue Energy and Souls to revive lost troops.

Dark Portals allow you to resurrect different types of troops which have died in battle. Much like a Garrison, you will need a higher level Dark Portal to build more advanced troop types. If your Dark Portal is not a high enough level to revive a certain troop type, the Souls of that troop will continue to be stored in your Mausoleum until you are ready to resurrect them. Each unit revived will deduct the souls from your Mausoleum.

Additionally, each Dark Portal you construct will decrease the time required to revive new troops. In other words, building and upgrading Dark Portals will allow you to revive your troops faster.

Important: Currently, you are only able to revive one group of troops at a time and cannot queue up multiple groups. 

You are also able to dismiss souls waiting to be resurrected. This will create additional space in your Mausoleum allowing you to revive new troops.

Important: Only troops that have been defeated in player versus player battles can be revived in the Spectral Ruins. In addition, you will be unable to revive any troops that were defeated when reinforcing your alliance member's City or Outpost. If you are being reinforced, you will be able to recover Souls from all troops lost in your City or Outposts.

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