Reviving Troops

How do I revive troops?

Losing troops can be an unfortunate part of any battle. However, with the introduction of the Spectral Ruins, it is now possible for players to revive the lost souls of their fallen warriors!

When you lose troops in a player versus player battle, your Battle Reports will now display how many Souls were recovered.

Only a portion of your troops can be revived after each battle, but you can increase the amount of souls you recover from battle by upgrading your Guardian Revival and Warrior Revival research levels.

When you acquire enough Souls, you can revive these fallen warriors within your Spectral Ruins with the help of a Dark Portal. Once inside your Dark Portal, you will be able to utilize your Blue Energy to revive these souls.

The amount of Blue Energy and Dark Portal level required to revive a certain troop will be listed in each troop description, so make sure you meet all of the requirements before attempting to proceed.

You cannot use Testronious Powders when reviving troops.

To revive a troop quickly, follow these steps:

Click on a "Dark Portal"
Click the "Revive Troops" button
Select the troop you would like to revive
If you meet all of the requirements, type in how many troops you would like to resurrect or select max, and click "Revive"
If your Dark Portal is not a high enough level to revive a certain troop type, the Souls of that troop will continue to be stored in your Mausoleum until you are ready to resurrect them.

While your troops revive, a timer will appear in the top-right corner of your screen indicating how long it will take for these troops to come back to life. Once they are revived, they will be automatically added to your main City's regiment and be ready for battle!

Important: Only troops that have been defeated in player versus player battles can be revived in the Spectral Ruins. In addition, you will be unable to revive any troops that were defeated when reinforcing your alliance member's City or Outpost. If you are being reinforced, you will be able to recover Souls from all troops lost in your City or Outposts.

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