Wraith Dragon Remains

How do I acquire the Wraith Dragon Remains?

The Wraith Dragon Remains allow you to summon your Wraith Dragon for attacks.

The quickest way to acquire the Wraith Dragon Remains is to purchase the Ark of the Dead Chest in the Shop.

The Ark of the Dead Chest contains:

  • All four Dragon Remains (Dragon Armor)
  • 100,000 Anthropus Talisman
  • 1,000,000 Blue Energy
  • 1 Completion Grant
  • 1 Bore

The Ark of the Dead Chest can be viewed and opened under the Chest tab after being purchased. The Wraith Dragon Remains can be viewed in your Spectral Ruins Wraith Dragon Altar.

Wraith Dragon Armor can be found by attacking Level 7 and above Wildernesses.  One piece of Wraith Dragon Armor is available in the Forests, another in the Hills, another in the Lakes, and the fourth can be found in the Mountains. You must also send one of your Dragons along on the march in order to obtain the Wraith Dragon Remains. Once all four pieces are found, you will gain the power to summon and attack with your Wraith Dragon.

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