The Solarian Highlands and the Helio Dragon Explained

What are the benefits of creating a Solarian Highland?

The nomadic warriors that travel Atlantis are in actuality descendants of Solarians that lived in the desert long ago. These people have built settlements in the desert around the keeps of the Helio Dragons. These nomadic travelers revere nature and by allowing them to share in the resources of the Gaea Spring, they will form an allegiance, exchanging their services.

The nomads who call these desert lands home hold no tribal allegiances, but they will train those who seek guidance. Skilled in survival and tactics, the Nomadic warriors can unlock new abilities for existing troops and are able to teach the art of mounted combat.

The dragons of these regions are the Helio Dragons. Tempered by the rough climates, the Helio Dragons possess a massive resilience to the elements, especially heat. As a result, the they have varying degrees of resistance to the other elemental dragons, making them one of the toughest Dragon to Dragon fighters.

Homes built in the Solarian Highalands will allow for x1.5 more people per building. Please be aware that in the description of each Home level, this increase in population is not noted, but if you increase the level of a Home, you will be able to see the correct population increase above. The Solarian Highlands does present some limitations, as you will not be able to encamp or claim additional Wildernesses.

Along with the new breed of Dragon, the Solarian Highlands allow you to generate additional resources and train troops for more strategic combat planning.

Starting an Outpost

To start an Outpost, first make sure you meet the following requirements:

  • Own a Helio Dragon Egg
  • Control a Plain
  • A player at Level 10 or higher
  • Have a Gaea Spring

After you meet all of the requirements, click the Empire tab in the bottom tray and click on the newly unlocked Solarian Highlands.

This will launch the Expand Your Empire dialog, which verifies that you have met all of the requirements needed to build the Solarian Highlands.

Outpost Damage

Similar to the Water, Ice, and Fire Dragon Outpost, if your Solarian Highlands is attacked it will take damage that must be repaired before resources can be produced again. Your Outpost will automatically begin to heal itself after an attack, but it will take longer to heal the more advanced your Outpost is, so feel free to use Speed Ups to shorten your Outpost's healing time.

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