Spectral Marker

What is a Spectral Marker?

A Spectral Marker is an item that increases the amount of Souls you recover from each battle. In order to use a Spectral Marker, you must already own a Spectral Ruin.

When used, the Spectral Marker will allow you to recover an additional 10% of any troops lost in combat for up to 12 hours. Please keep in mind, the capacity on your Mausoleums will remain the same, so your Mausoleums will fill up more quickly when using this item.

Using multiple Spectral Markers will allow you to increase the duration for which your Soul collection is affected, but it will not allow you to collect more than an additional 10%. When you apply more than one Spectral Marker, you will be able to collect an additional 10% of Souls from battle for more than 12 hours, but it is not possible to gain more than a bonus of 10% to your Soul collection with Spectral Markers.

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