Soul Reapers and Reaper Totems

What is a Soul Reaper? How do I train one?

A Soul Reaper is a troop type recently released in the Ice Outpost. With a large Melee Attack power and Life, Soul Reapers can be a beneficial part of any defensive force.

Unlike previous troops, the Soul Reaper has two new unique skills:

  • It cannot be hurt by an attacking Wraith Dragon
  • Defending Soul Reapers that are part of an army that defeat troops will recover those unit's Souls
  • 1 defending Soul Reaper that survives in battle can recover 1 soul of an attacker's defeated troops

If your City is attacked by a Wraith Dragon while you are defending, all of your units will engage the Wraith Dragon normally except for Soul Reapers. If you defend against a Wraith Dragon with Soul Reapers, it is not possible for the Wraith Dragon to attack your Soul Reapers, and it will only attack your other troops.

  • It is not possible to recover souls from an enemy when you attack with Soul Reapers
  • You can only recover Souls from other units when defending with Soul Reapers
  • Warrior Revival and Guardian Revival have no effect on how Soul Reapers recover their opposition's souls

Additionally, it is only possible to train Soul Reapers within your Ice Dragon Outpost. You can view and dismiss Soul Reapers in any location, but in order to train them you must do so in your Ice Dragon Outpost.

How do I train a Soul Reaper?

In order to train a Soul Reaper, first make sure you have an Ice Dragon Outpost with a Level 10 Training Camp. From there, click on your Training Camp and scroll to the very bottom to find Soul Reapers. When you select Soul Reapers, you will be presented with a list of necessary resources and research levels. If you fulfill all of these requirements, you will then be able to train this troop type.

In the list of requirements to train a Soul Reaper is also a new item: a Reaper Totem. Much like how each Fangtooth requires a Fangtooth Respirator and each Granite Ogre requires a Glowing Mandrake, you must have one Reaper Totem to train one Soul Reaper.

A Reaper Totem is a dark artifact from the far reaches of Atlantis, and can be used as a conduit to summon your Soul Reaper. Each Reaper Totem houses a deadly spirit necessary to summon a Soul Reaper. Once it has been summoned, a Soul Reaper is tied to its Reaper Totem, so this item will be used. Please be sure to acquire a large amount of Reaper Totems if you wish to train many Soul Reapers.

Reaper Totems can be found at Level 7 or higher Anthropus Camps and Mountains or in the shop under the Arsenal tab.

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