Venom Dwellers and Swamp Scales

What is a Venom Dweller? How do I train one?

A Venom Dweller is a new troop type available to be trained exclusively in the Serpent Dragon Outpost.

Venom Dwellers are a slimy clan of creatures that tend to remain in the swamps, away from the drier climates. The Venom Dwellers possess the unique ability to regurgitate an acidic spray that can corrode stone surfaces. This makes Granite Ogres especially susceptible to attack from the Venom Dwellers.

While not particularly swift, the Venom Dwellers will rather lie in wait, drawing their opponents close before attacking with their poisons. This incapacitates their victims and allows the more powerful close range troops to move in for the kill.

The Venom Dwellers are not an effective force on their own, but when paired with a speedier unit they can defend and draw damage away.

How do I train one?

In order to train a Venom Dweller, first make sure you have a Serpent Outpost with a Level 10 Training Camp. From there, click on your Training Camp and scroll to the very bottom to find Venom Dwellers. When you select the Venom Dweller, you will be presented with a list of necessary Resources and Research levels. If you fulfill all of these requirements, you will then be able to train Venom Dwellers.

In the list of requirements to train a Venom Dweller is also a new item: a Swamp Scale. Much like how each Fangtooth requires a Fangtooth Respirator, each Venom Dweller you wish to train requires one Swamp Scale. Swamp Scales are fragments of Serpent Scales, and without one Venom Dwellers would be unable to fight in your army. Please keep in mind that each time you use a Swamp Scale it expires and cannot be used a second time. If your Venom Dweller is killed, the Swamp Scale becomes damaged beyond repair and cannot be used again.

In order to acquire more Swamp Scales you can purchase them in the Shop under the Arsenal tab.

Swamp Scales can be found as battle drops at Level 8-10 Lakes and Anthropus Camps.

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