Beginner's Strategy, What to do on your First Day

There's so much to do! What should I build on my first day?

Edgeworld is a big game! If you're new to this genre, you might be confused. What should you do? What's a good strategy?

Here are some things you should try. If you need help with how to do these tasks, check out our  article.

  • Build
  • Collect resources from your Crystal Mine and Gas Refinery.
  • Build a new Crystal Mine, Gas Refinery, Solar Plant and Reactor.
  • Place these new buildings near your Command Center.
  • Build two Gun Turrets and two X-1 Cannons.
  • Place these new turrets near your Command Center and resource collectors, so they can protect your buildings.
  • Try moving a building by clicking on it and choosing 'Move.' Move your Warp Gate closer to your Command Center.
  • Research and Train
  • Build a Tech Lab.
  • Place the Tech Lab near your other buildings.
  • Research Rhinos to unlock a new unit.
  • Did you notice you can research and build at the same time? Try building a Barracks while you research the Rhinos.
  • Build a Barracks, if you haven't done so already.
  • Click on the Barracks and train 5 Rhinos and 5 Marines.
  • Attack
  • Open the map, choose the Factions (PvE) tab, and choose the Level 1 Helio Legion base.
  • Scout the base, then click Attack.
  • Click the Marines 6 times and the Rhinos 2 times to load up your Warp Gate.
  • Move your mouse over the enemy base. Find a spot where the circle turns green, then click to drop your units.
  • Your drop zone needs to be away from any enemy buildings. Look for open space.
  • Complete Missions
  • Click on KIRA in the lower-left to open your mission log.
  • You should have some missions complete already. Click Claim to get your rewards.
  • Click on some missions to learn more about them. These will give you some good ideas about what to do next.
  • Open your Mail and read the message from Admiral Tenmu.
  • Be Social
  • Use the chat window to send a message to your fellow players.
  • 'Like' the game in Facebook so you receive daily updates.
  • Visit the game's Fan Page:
  • Visit the game's Forums:
  • Set your Options
  • Find and click the Sound, Zoom, and Quality buttons. Try different settings to see what works for you.
  • Try  another player, just to see how it works. Don't worry, muting is temporary.
  • Visit the Shop
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