Zoot's Jackpot

What is Zoot's Jackpot?

Get ready for Zoot's Jackpot - a minigame of chance where you can claim in-game Items and Platinum!

To play, simply click on the "Zoot's Jackpot" icon located at the bottom right of your screen.

Each game costs 25 Platinum to play. To play, click on the Green Button labeled "Play" and you'll be all set to test your luck!  If you land on a prize, you'll have a chance to Claim it, or Risk your winnings for items of even HIGHER value.  

Be careful though, as you progress upwards, while the value of the possible items is greater, so is the chance of landing on a Skull.

There are 4 different types of tiles:
  • Prize - Congratulations! You won a Prize!  Either claim it, or risk it for higher value. 


  • Platinum - Enter the Platinum round for a chance to win Platinum.

  • Skull - Game over. A consolation prize is awarded.

  • JACKPOT - You win the Jackpot that is displayed in the upper right corner.

If you land on a Platinum tile, you'll be provided a chance to win real Platinum by selecting 10 random tiles, each worth a specific amount of Platinum.  You can select the 10 manually, or click on the "Auto complete" button for automated selection.

The game will conclude once a prize has been claimed, Platinum been rewarded from either the Platinum round or a Jackpot, or if you land on a Skull.

Get ready and test your luck!  

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