Level 13 and Base Expansion

How do I expand my base?

You can now upgrade your buildings and research your troops to Level 13!  Upon completion of your Level 13 Command Center, your base will expand from 900x900 to 1000x1000, unlocking greater opportunity for base layout customization.  Base expansion is also available on your Aurora-1 Colony.

Level 13 Requirements:
  • Your Level 13 Command Center will require 2 Cerulean Cores.
  • Every other Level 13 building will require 1 Cerulean Core.
  • You must upgrade your Command Center to Level 13 before you can upgrade other buildings.
  • You must upgrade your Tech Lab to Level 13 before you can research your troops to Level 13.
  • Each Level 13 Troop Research will require 1 Scarbide Ingot. 
Get ready to expand your base to Level 13 and enjoy the new landscape!

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