Acquiring Amber Vestiments

How do I get Amber Vestiments?

Amber Vestiments allow your Amber Crested Dragon to enter the heat of battle and will help protect it from the attacks of your opponents.

The quickest way to acquire Amber Vestiments is to purchase them in the Shop by purchasing the Ark of Gaea Chest or the Amber Crest Dragon Chest.

It is not possible to own multiple pieces of the same type of Amber Vestiment. If you purchase the Ark of Gaea Chest multiple times, you will receive a Bore for each of the pieces of Vestiments you already have.

If you wish to acquire the Vestiments outside of the shop, they are also available to find at Level 7 or higher Forests when attacking with a Great or Elemental Dragon. There is a greater chance of acquiring Amber Vestiments at higher level Forests. In other words, Level 10 Forests have a higher probability of dropping an Amber Vestiment than Level 7 Forests.

Please also keep in mind it is not possible to acquire Amber Vestiments unless you have already created a Sunken Temple Outpost.

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