Spectral Ruins Outpost

What is the Spectral Ruins Outpost? How do I build one?

The mystery of the Forests has been solved and all citizens of Atlantis can now build their own Spectral Ruins Outpost!

Like other Outposts, it is possible to warp your Spectral Ruins with an Outpost Warp item.

Within your Spectral Ruins Outpost, it is possible to harvest Blue Energy and store the Souls of fallen warriors. By acquiring a large amount of Souls and Blue Energy you can also gain the power to revive troops that have been defeated in battle!

Important: Only troops that have been defeated in player versus player battles can be revived in the Spectral Ruins. In addition, you will be unable to revive any troops that were defeated when reinforcing your alliance member's City or Outpost. If you are being reinforced, you will be able to recover Souls from all troops lost in your City or Outposts.

In addition to Souls and Blue Energy, Spectral Ruins allow players access to the following buildings:

Important: There is no Wall feature because the Spectral Ruins cannot be attacked. Players are unable to loot Blue Energy from other players at this time.

Three new technologies have also been added to the Science Center in order to assist in utilizing the Outpost:

In addition, new Spectral Ruins Quests are now available! With these challenges come several rewards that will assist all players in building their Spectral Ruins.

Many rumors have spread regarding the new Spectral Ruins, so please feel free to discuss with other players how to best take advantage of this new location!

How do I create my Spectral Ruins?

In order to create your Spectral Ruins, please make sure you first meet the following requirements:

  • Player level 5
  • Possess 100,000 Anthropus Talismans
  • Control a Forest level 7 or higher

After completing these requirements, open your Empire Tab and select "Create". In the window that appears, select the Forest you would like to replace with your new Spectral Ruins. Once you have chosen a location, select "Build" and you will be ready to begin utilizing your Spectral Ruins!

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