Outpost Warp

What is an Outpost Warp?

Like a Dark Warp Device, an Outpost Warp is an item that can be used to instantly warp your Outpost to a Plain that you own.

If you are warping for the first time, it is only possible to warp it to a Plain. In other words, you cannot warp your Spectral Ruins from one Forest to another.

To use an Outpost Warp you must meet the following requirements:

  1. You must own an Outpost
  2. You must control a Plain of an equal or higher level in addition to the one your Outpost already occupies

After you have completed these steps, click on your Items button, select the General tab, and click Use on your Outpost Warp. A new window will appear asking you which Plain you would like to transport your Outpost to, with a pull-down menu listing all of your possible choices.

Select the Plain you would like to warp to and click the "Use" button.

What are the advantages of using an Outpost Warp?

An Outpost Warp can teleport your Outpost to an undisclosed location, making it much harder to find and attack.

If you transport your Outpost to a higher level Plain you will be given the ability to own more wildernesses.

You will be unable to use the Outpost Warp if you currently have Alliance troops reinforcing your Outpost or have troops marching. You will be unable to Outpost Warp from a higher level Plain to a lower level.

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