Divine Rations

What are Divine Rations and how do they work?

A Divine Ration is an Item that eliminates Troops' Food upkeep for 12 hours.

When used, the Divine Rations feed all troops in your City and Outposts, including reinforcements. Your Food production rate and Food Reserves are not affected by Troop consumption.

This Item is extremely beneficial when Researching, training new Troops, or building your City as it counters large army consumption. You are now able to accumulate Food and use this resource freely.

Your food production rate will be based on the number and Level of Farms within the City or Outpost, as well as the number and Level of owned Savannas and Lakes.

Finally, this Item can be stacked. You are able to use multiple Divine Rations at once, each adding 12 hours. To review the time left on your Divine Rations, hover your mouse over the Sword Icon to the right of the screen.

At this time, it is only possible to acquire Divine Rations in the Shop and Fortuna's Vault.

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