Tribal Rebirth

How do I change to a different tribe?

A new item has recently been created in the Shop called a Tribal Rebirth. With this item it is now possible to change the tribe of your player at any time.

If you wish to change the tribe of your Avatar, go to the General tab in the Shop and purchase a Tribal Rebirth item. After purchasing the item you can use it in the General tab of your Items list. To change tribes, click "Use" on the item, and you will be presented with a window displaying your available choices.

There are currently four different tribes that you can choose, and three different Avatars within each tribe.

Please note, while your character's name will display when you change tribes, it is not possible to rename your character with a Tribal Rebirth. If you are ever concerned that your tribe has been changed successfully, always clear your cache and refresh your browser in order to make sure your display has updated properly.

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