Sending a Curse

How do I use a Curse?

With the introduction of Curses, players that have been attacked and defeated in their City can now retaliate without risking the lives of any of their troops. If you are attacked and defeated, simply pull up the Battle Report displaying your loss, and there will be a new button labeled "Send Curse!"

After clicking "Send Curse!", Keres will appear on your screen in a new window listing the differentCurses you can send to your opponent. Next to each Curse will be a description of how it will affect your opponent, how much it would cost to purchase a new item, and how many you have left to use. 

Rest assured, if you do not have anymore of your desired Curse, you can simply click "Buy" to purchase another one then and there.

If the Curse you want to use is already active on your opponent's account you will be presented with the text "Player you wish to curse already afflicted." If this is the case, simply hold onto your Battle Report and Curse them at a later date.

When you select a Curse, a new window will appear asking you to confirm this action. In this window, both the Curse you chose to use and the player you are sending it to will be listed in bold, so always read over this second window before selecting "OK."

For every Curse you send a new message will appear labeled "Curse Sent." Much like any other report, a Curse Sent message will list the following information: 

•     A Report Number
•     The time the Curse was sent
•     The name of the player receiving the Curse
•     The name of the Curse, and a short description of what it does

Please Note: It is only possible to Curse other players from a Battle Report, so be sure to keep the Battle Reports of any losses so you can retaliate.


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