Acquiring Helio Dragon Armor

How do I get Helio Dragon Armor?

Helio Dragon Armor allows your Helio Dragon to enter the heat of battle and will help protect it from the attacks of your opponents.

The quickest way to acquire Helio Dragon Armor is to purchase an Ark of the Sands Chest in the Shop. It is not possible to own multiple pieces of the same type of armor. If you already have Helio Dragon Armor that was found in the wild and then purchase an Ark of the Sands Chest, any duplicate piece will be replaced with a Bore instead. If you purchase the Ark of the Sands Chest and already have several pieces of armor, you will receive a Bore for each piece of armor you already possess.

If you wish to acquire Helio Dragon Armor outside of the shop, it is only available to find in Level 8 or higher Plains when attacking with a Great, Wraith or Elemental Dragon. The Helio Dragon Armor is very rare, and may take much time to find. It is recommended that you utilize each of your dragons to find the armor.

It is not possible to acquire Helio Dragon Armor in the wild unless you have already have a Helio Dragon Egg.

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