Armid's Chest

What is an Armid's Chest?

The Armid's Chest is an item that contains prizes.

You can get an Armid's Chest by purchasing one from the Shop, which can be viewed in the Chest tab of your Inventory.

When you open Armid's Chest, there is an opportunity to receive one of the following exclusive items:

  • Testronious Deluxe
  • Testronious Infusion

Also available with Aphrodite's Box are the following items:

  • Blast
  • Blitz
  • Bolt
  • Bore
  • Bounce
  • Chronos Bag
  • Testronious Powder

Any item won from Armid's Chest will appear in your Inventory. Please note: Each Armid's Chest contains only one prize item. You can use up to 5 Armid's Chests at a single time.

The Armid's Chest is only available periodically and may not currently be available to purchase in the Shop.

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