Fire Dragon Armor

How do I get Fire Dragon Armor?

Fire Dragon Armor allows your Fire Dragon to enter the heat of battle and will help protect it from the attacks of your opponents.

The quickest way to acquire Fire Dragon Armor is to purchase it in the At this point in time there are two items in the Shop that can provide you with Fire Dragon Armor: the Ark of Flames, and the Fire Armor Chest. By purchasing the Fire Armor Chest, you will be provided some Speed Ups, and one random piece of Dragon Armor.

Please keep in mind, the piece of armor you receive from the Fire Armor Chest is completely random, and you might receive the same piece you already own. However, since it is not possible to own multiple pieces of the same type of armor, if you win a duplicate piece you will be credited with a Bore instead. If you purchase the Fire Armor Chest and already have several pieces of armor, there is a possibility that you will receive a Bore instead of the last piece you desire.

In order to purchase all pieces of armor at once, simply buy the Ark of Flames. Upon opening the Ark, you will be provided with all pieces of Fire Dragon Armor, a Fire Dragon Egg, and several other beneficial items.

If you wish to acquire the armor outside of the shop, they are also available to find in Level 7 or higher Mountains.

Please also keep in mind it is not possible to acquire Fire Dragon Armor unless you have already created your Fire Dragon Outpost.

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