Great Dragon Armor

How do I acquire Dragon Armor?

There are four pieces of each type of Great Dragon Armor: Body Armor, Claw Guards, a Tail Guard, and a Helmet.

Obtaining all four pieces of Dragon Armor allows your Great Dragon to begin Aerial Training, which is required for your Dragon to participate in attacks.

Obtaining Great Dragon Armor

Great Dragon Armor can be found by attacking Level 5 or higher Anthropus Camps, and is also available for purchase in the Shop.

The higher level Anthropus Camp you attack, the higher the probability you will receive Dragon Armor. Every attack of an Anthropus Camp of Level 5 or higher provides an opportunity to win a piece of Dragon Armor. You will always receive a new piece of Great Dragon Armor, and it is not possible to receive duplicates (even with a Chest).

The Great Dragon Chest, Water Dragon Chest, and Stone Dragon Chest contain one unknown piece of Dragon Armor (belonging to the corresponding Dragon) as well as a few bonus items.

To avoid leaving it up to chance, you can also purchase the full set of Armor for the Great Dragon, Water Dragon, and Stone Dragon in the Shop. Please note that the full set of Armor for the Stone Dragon is currently available in the Ark of Stone Mastery, which also includes other valuable items such as the Stone Dragon Egg, Completion Grants, and a selection of Speed-ups.

When you receive pieces of Great Dragon Armor, you will be able to view them in your Dragon's Keep.

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