Upgrades to the Wall

How do I choose which troops I want to defend my City?

Players can now see a new button labeled “Choose Defenders” in their Wall management screen. By entering this new menu, it will be possible to select the exact number of each troop you wish to risk defending, and each you wish to hide. Players have the ability to defend their City with one portion of their troops, while hiding the rest from battle. In addition, you can quickly toggle from "Hide" to "Fight Back" and "Fight Back" to "Hide".

Players who are in hiding at the time of the change will remain in hiding until they choose to make use of the new selective defense feature. Players whose units are set to 'Fight Back' at the time of the change will still be set to 'Fight Back', but will have to choose which troops they would like to defend or else they will have 0 defensive units fighting back.

For full details about this new feature, please see the Selective Defenses Knowledge Base Article and feel free to discuss it in our Community Forum.

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