Level 12 Great Dragon Keep

Your Great Dragon has been the focus of your city ever since its inception. You have cared for it, provided for it, and overseen its hatching from egg to adult. In turn this precious warrior and friend has helped defend your city and uncover new secrets throughout Atlantis. Now, your Great Dragon is ready to grow again. By using the Ancestral Seal on your Great Dragon Keep, its speed and Range will increase to counter ever growing threats and rival those of the Elementals. Its Life, Defense, Melee and Ranged power will multiply to new heights, taking this Dragon from a defender, to a legend. Acquire the Ancestral Seal! Use it! And with it, harbor the power of a fully enchanted Great Dragon!
Upgrade your Dragon Keep to level 12 during this event and receive a Great Dragon Package!
This package includes:
3 Sacred Bulls
3 Sacred Bones
a mystery set of rare Dragon Scales
a mystery set of rare Dragon Armor
Use these items to customize your Great Dragon! 
Build time must be completed by the end of the event. One prize per player, per realm. This event ends October 12, 11:59pm PDT (UTC-7). Prizes will be distributed October 15, 8:00pm PDT (UTC-7).
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