Level 14 Buildings

What are the benefits of Level 14 Buildings?

Only certain buildings can be upgraded to Level 14. These buildings are: the Muster Point, Officers' Quarters, Garrisons, Training Camps, and Homes.

You must have a Level 11 Fortress before you can upgrade any other building to Level 14.

In order to upgrade buildings to Level 14, you will need an Ancestral Seal and can be purchased in the Shop

A Level 14 Muster Point allows you to send up to 180,000 troops per march and send up to 14 marches.

A Level 14 Officers' Quarters allows you to appoint up to 17 Generals.

A Level 14 Garrison and Training Camp will allow you to train troops more quickly.

A Level 14 Home allows you to raise your maximum population by 10,900.

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