Destroying a Building

How do I destroy a Building?

To destroy a Building, you must first obtain the ‘Mass Nullifier’ item. The Mass Nullifier is available for purchase in the Shop under the ‘GENERAL’’ tab or can be won via Fortuna’s Daily Chance as well as Fortuna’s Vault.


Once you have obtained a Mass Nullifier, it will be placed in your Inventory under the ‘GENERAL’ tab.

To continue with destroying a Building, access your City/Field view and click on the Building you wish to destroy.

Once you have clicked the Building, a message window showing details for said Building will appear. You will notice a button labeled ‘DISINTEGRATE’ located under the ‘UPGRADE’ button. Click ‘DISINTEGRATE’.

Following that, a confirmation message will appear asking you to confirm your action. To complete destroying the selected Building, simply click ‘DISINTEGRATE’.

NOTE: This is a permanent, irreversible action and once you disintegrate a Building, you receive absolutely no Resources or Items that may have been used on it.

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