Guardian Revival

What is Guardian Revival?

Guardian Revival is one of three new technologies that can be researched in your Science Center after building your Spectral Ruins.

Guardian Revival directly applies to troops that were killed by another player's attack. In other words, this technology will only affect battles in which you are defending.

Upgrading the level of this research increases the percentage of defensive troop Souls that will be sent to your Mausoleums.

Each Guardian Revival research upgrade will allow you to revive a larger percentage of Souls:

  • Level 0: 5~10%
  • Level 1: 5~12%
  • Level 2: 5~15%
  • Level 3: 5~20%
  • Level 4: 10~20%
  • Level 5: 10~25%
  • Level 6: 15~25%
  • Level 7: 15~30%
  • Level 8: 20~35%
  • Level 9: 25~40%
  • Level 10: 30~50%

Not all troops which have died in battle will be added to the Spectral Ruins.

Important: Only troops that have been defeated in player versus player battles can be revived in the Spectral Ruins. In addition, you will be unable to revive any troops that were defeated when reinforcing your alliance member's City or Outpost. If you are being reinforced, you will be able to recover Souls from all troops lost in your City or Outposts.

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