Selling Resources in the Trading Post

How do I sell resources in the Trading Post?

Selling resources on the Trading Post is a great way to acquire Gold while helping out other players. To begin selling resources on the Trading Post, click on the Sell tab located at the top of the Trading Post Window.

On the right side of the Trading Post window there will be two drop-down lists. Starting at the top, select which resource you would like to list for sale. The second drop down box will determine how much of that particular resource you want to sell. You can sell any amount of resources between 1,000 and 1,000,000, as long as it is an increment of 1,000. These resources will be deducted from your reserves total.

Under the quantity menu you will see the "Total Price" listed in a gray box. In the box you can name any total price you desire. If your resources are purchased, this is how much Gold you will acquire.

You will be charged a Seller's Fee for each auction you post. The fee you are charged will be a small percentage of the total price you are listing. In other words, a higher total price will yield a higher Seller's Fee. Finally, hit the "Sell" button and your auction will instantly appear on the Trading Post. This auction will appear for one week in the Trading Post, or until it is sold.

Please note that if you search the Trading Post, you will be unable to view your own auctions; you will only be able to view other player's auctions under the Buy tab.

You can also cancel a trade any time before it is sold. When you do so, the resources will immediately be added back to your reserves total. The Seller's Fee will not be returned once your post has been listed, even if the trade is canceled or has expired.

Should your city come under attack while your resources are in the Trading Post your trade will automatically be cancelled, and your resources returned. Consequently, it is possible to have these resources looted in battle.

WARNING: Be careful when selling food resources. If you have zero food remaining in your city and are defeated in battle, your food trade will be canceled and will not return to your reserves.

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