Level 11 Buildings

What are the benefits of Level 11 buildings?

Only certain buildings can be upgraded to Level 11. These buildings are: the Fortress, Muster Point, Officers' Quarters, Garrisons, Training Camps, Homes, Storage Vault, Sentinel, and Science Center.

You must have a Level 11 Fortress before you can upgrade any other building to Level 11 or higher. In a sense, the Fortress acts as a gate keeper to upgrade your Muster Point, Officers' Quarters and Homes to Level 11.

In order to upgrade buildings to Level 11, you will need a new item, the Ancestral Seal. This can be purchased in the Shop or by completing the “Reinforce Outposts” Quest.

Upgrading your Fortress to Level 11 gains you one additional City building plot, one additional Field building plot, the capacity to own one additional Wilderness, and unlocks the ability to upgrade your Muster Point, Officers' Quarters or Homes to Level 11.

A Level 11 Muster Point allows you to send up to 120,000 troops per march and send up to 11 marches.

A Level 11 Officers' Quarters allows you to appoint up to 14 Generals.

A Level 11 Home allows you to raise your maximum population by 7,000.

A Level 11 Garrison or Training Camp allows you to train troops faster.

A Level 11 Storage Vault will be able to increase the resources you can protect from attack. You can now safely hide up to 5,000,000 of each resource! You can now begin hiding Gold in these upgraded Storage Vaults as well.

A Level 11 Sentinel will allow you to determine if your outpost is under threat of an attack!

A Level 11 Science Center will allow you to begin higher researches. Level 11 Science Centers will begin to allow for higher resource production, medicine, and building speed researches. These level 11 centers will also allow for greater research potential in the future.

Each Level 11 building will contain new art that is specific to the tribe you chose when first creating a City!

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