Advanced Defense Techniques

How can I protect my City from being attacked by another player?

As a war game, it is possible that you will be attacked by another player in Dragons of Atlantis. However, there are many steps you can take to defend and be victorious.

Join a strong Alliance and ask for help

Be active in helping your Alliance and your Alliance members will help you in times of need. An enemy you could not fight off yourself could be scared off if you retaliate with your entire Alliance. Your Alliance members can also send troops to your City to help you fight off your enemy. Please note, while your allies' reinforcements are stationed in your City, their Troops will eat your Food. Additionally, any troop reinforcing your City will automatically Defend, even if your army is set to hide in your Sanctuary, so please be cautious when reinforcing a friend.

Level up your Storage Vault

Your Storage Vault will automatically protect your Resources from being taken by an enemy attacker. The number of Resources protected depends on the level of your Storage Vault. The higher the Vault level, the more Resources are protected. Please keep in mind, your Gold will not be protected by a Storage Vault.

Build up your Wall and set your Troops to Fight Back

Upgrading your Wall defense will provide additional protection to your City. You can also fight incoming attacks by setting your Troops to ""Fight Back"". If your Troop count is low, it may be a good idea to set them to hide in the Sanctuary. If you are being reinforced by an Alliance member, their Troops will always defend.

Use a Dark Warp Device or a Charted Warp Device

A Dark Warp Device will relocate your City to random coordinates on the Map. Once your City is moved, your attacker will not know your coordinates unless they find you on the Map. A Charted Warp Device will allow you to choose where you move your City, and thus can be more beneficial in selecting a safe place to escape to on the Map.

Use a Pseudonym Grant

After using a Dark or Charted Warp Device, it may be a good idea to change your name with a Pseudonym Grant. This way if your attacker ever found you again, they will not know who you are.

Send Resources away

As a temporary measure, you can have your Transport Troops carry as many resources as they can to an Alliance members City. This is not a permanent measure - and these places can still be attacked and looted - but as a short term defense tactic, it can be effective.


Use a Cease Fire Treaty

A will make you invulnerable to attacks for 12 hours. However, you cannot attack other players' Cities during this time, so the best course of action is to attack Wildernesses and Anthropus Camps, and build up your army. Please note, the Cease Fire Treaty will not protect conquered Wildernesses from attack.

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