Lost Troops, General and or Dragon

I sent out a march and my troops, General, and dragon are missing - how do I get them back?

If you feel your troops, General and Dragon have vanished or are stuck waiting for a report, always check your City Muster Point first.

Players have reported that their troops have disappeared or gotten stuck "Waiting for Report" after completing a march. Rest assured, if you were successful in battle your troops shall return. If you feel you are experiencing this issue, please try reloading Dragons of Atlantis by refreshing your Internet browser and clearing your cache, then run through the following guide on how to recover lost troops before submitting a help ticket to the Dragons of Atlantis Support Team.

Click on your City Muster Point and a new window will appear with troop deployment options. Select "Troops" in order to see a list of all your current marches.

In the screen that appears, you will be given a list of all your troops currently marching. Find the troops you wish to investigate and select "View".

Another new window will appear displaying exactly which troops you sent out. To return your Troops, click on "Recall".

I've tried all of these steps and I still don't have my troops back! Now what do I do?

In small cases, it is possible for your troops to remain stuck even after completing all of the above steps. To resolve these instances, the Engineering Team is currently pushing a fix that will force your troops to return.

Please wait at least 24 hours for the Engineering Teams fix to affect your account and return your missing troops. If 24 hours have passed and you are still experiencing difficulties with your missing troops, then feel free to contact the Dragons of Atlantis Support Team for more assistance.

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